Our Mission

Americans for a Modern Economy is committed to ensuring that local, state and federal policies reflect changing technologies that are reshaping the way consumers, businesses and communities operate in the 21st century economy.

We work with consumer advocates, businesses, think tanks, economic experts and others to raise awareness and inform discussions about the current and future policy challenges of new technology. We serve as a resource for lawmakers to help them develop modern policy solutions that benefit all Americans by expanding consumer freedom, allowing businesses to best serve their customers and preserving free market competition.

What is the right regulatory framework that adequately protects consumers, provides a level playing field promoting healthy and honest competition but doesn’t stifle innovation?
— Joe Rinzel, Americans for a Modern Economy

Our principles


Technology must be allowed to flourish and provide new economic benefits and opportunities for all Americans while protecting consumers and communities against unintended effects of innovation.




A modern economic environment must preserve free market competition and a level playing field as technology reshapes how business engage consumers.



Digital commerce platforms must be transparent for consumers and open to a diverse range of sellers whenever possible to foster entrepreneurship and create more choices for consumers.


A Policy Partner

The policies guiding a modern economy must achieve two goals: first, they should allow innovation to flourish without unnecessarily burdensome regulations, and second, these policies should meet the needs and concerns of consumers, businesses, communities and other economic stakeholders.

Americans for a Modern Economy is bringing together these voices with the goal of helping policymakers craft forward-thinking rules of the road that benefit all Americans and mitigate the unintended effects of technology and innovation.


Americans for a Modern Economy is reaching audiences through both traditional earned media venues as well as digital and social media platforms. We regularly produce policy commentary on the long-term challenges facing the economy as well as the breaking news of the day. We also work with our partners to develop reports, white papers and other tools to inform the discussion around modern economic policies that reflect new innovation and technology and provide guidance for policymakers.